• In celebration of Canton's 100th anniversary of incorporation, everyone is invited to attend the unveiling of "One Hundred Years of Canton Mayors--1919-2019".  This reception will be held at City Hall, 201 N. Buffalo, from 3-6 on February 28, 2019. ​​*Posted 2/21/2019*
  • City Wide Clean-up will be the week of March 18, 2019.  Click here for more details! *Posted 2/20/2019*
  • Our annual Kid Fish will take place April 27, 2019 from 10am-1pm at our 2-acre lake located on Arnold Paul Rd.  This year's stock will be catfish.  We invite all to attend! *Updated 3/12/2019*



  • Van Zandt County is developing a multi-jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Action Plan that will address natural hazards that affect all of Van Zandt County. 

A FEMA-approved hazard mitigation plan is required for eligibility for grant funds through FEMA’s HMA programs.  Funds from these federal grant programs may be awarded directly to the County and planning participants to implement mitigation projects identified in the Plan.  (Translation—if there is a major hazard problem, there may be grant money to help minimize or fix it.  This could include weak dams, flooding, etc.

Public participation is integral to this planning.  If you live in Van Zandt County, please participate by providing feedback by completing a short public survey that is available online.  Go to  

Thank you

Lou Ann Everett, Mayor

*Posted 1/28/2019*