​​⇒ There has been an influx of contractor solicitation throughout our area since the storms the other night.  While we understand many of these contractors are professionals, we also want to make sure our citizens are protected!  Please be cautious of any messages, whether it be by mail, phone or in person, from contractors offering free estimates and/or to do work on your property.  Door to door solicitation within the City limits of Canton is illegal, unless the solicitor has first received a permit from the City Council to do so.  With any contractor, it is a good idea to gather as much information about them, (such as license, reference, and insurance info), prior to releasing any of your personal information or agreeing to any work.  Please understand, we know that there are several credible and fantastic contractors that work throughout our city on a daily basis, however, especially as a community with a significant number of older citizens, we feel it’s important share this information! Posted 3/29/2021

⇒ The City of Canton tests sirens on the third Friday of the month at 2pm, weather permitting.​