Effective 10/01/2017, due to the overwhelming amount of false burglar and fire alarms being generated in this city, the City is forced to implement a new procedure. All residential and businesses will be afforded three free first responder calls per year. After the person who has care, custody and control of the business or residence at the time of the alarm will be issued a citation in the amount of $50 for every call thereafter. This does not include a call that actually consists of a true fire or burglary at that time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this puts upon you, but due to the wear and tear on equipment, fuel and manhours, we are left with no other alternative. If you have any questions, feel free to contaqct Chief Brad Allison at the Canton Police Department (903-567-4991) or Chief Bud Sanford at the Canton Fire Department (903-567-6477). (posted 8/22/2017)