Miscellaneous Permits & Fees

Fees are subject to change upon Council approval.  Please call office for most current rates/fees.

Current Codes
2015 International Codes for Building, Energy Conservation, Fire, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, Plumbing and Residential, 2017 NEC Electrical
Moving Houses         
$100.00 plus police and utility costs
Return Check Fee
Swimming Pool
To add or replace any above ground or below ground swimming pool, the fee shall be $150.00. A registered electrician must pull the permit for any electrical work done. All swimming pools must be enclosed by a screened enclosure or a fence at least 4’ in height equipped with a self-closing and self-latching gate
Zoning Change
Application for Variance to ordinance                                       
To allow certain uses within base zoning districts that, under most circumstances, would not be compatible with other permitted uses but with certain conditions and development restrictions may be compatible                                                                                         
Application for Specific Use Permit $250.00  
Amended Plat*
A revised plat correcting errors or making minor changes to original recorded final plat                  
For a new subdivision or large scale development
The re-subdividing of any part or all of a block or blocks of a previously-platted subdivision, additional lot or tract
Minor Plat*
A subdivision resulting in four or fewer lots, provided that the plat is for conveyance purposes only (i.e., sale of the property with no development / construction proposed), that the plat does not create any new easements for public facilities, or the construction / development of said subdivision will not require construction of any new street (or portion thereof) or the extension of any municipal facilities to serve any lot within the subdivision. Any property to be subdivided using a minor plat shall already be served by all required City utilities and services or in the ETJ of the City with no services or water only.
*Plus current cost of Van Zandt County Clerk Filing Fee    
Production of Public Records $4.00 Police Incident/Accident Report
  $0.10 per page Standard paper copy.  Each side with recorded information is considered a page. 
  $0.50 per page Oversized paper copy (e.g., 11" x 17", greenbar, bluebar, not including maps and photographs)
  Actual Cost Specialty Paper (e.g., Mylar, blueprint, blueline, map, photographic)
  $1.00 Diskette, Rewritable CD (CD-RW), Non-rewritable CD (CD-R), Audio Cassette
  Actual Cost Magnetic Tape, Data Cartridge, Tape Cartridge, JAX Drive, Other Electornic Media
  $2.50 VHS Video Cassette
  $3.00 Ditigal Video Disc (DVD)
  $15.00/hour Labor charge for locating, compiling, manipulating data, and reproducing public information for requests involving more than fifty pages and/or requiring retrieval from off-site storage, and/or redacting confidential information pursuant to a mandatory exception of the Act which also qualitifies for the labor charge pursuant to Texas Government Code, 552.261(a)(1)or (2).
  $28.50/hour Labor charge for programming if a request requires the services of a programmer in order to execute an existing program or to create a new program so that requested information may be accessed and copied.  If the City does not have in-house programming capabilities, it shall comply with requests in accordance with Section 552.261(b) of the Texas Government Code
  20% of labor charge Overhead charges may be included for reuqests over 50 pages or if the production qualifies pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 552.261(a)(1) or (2)
  Actual Cost

Postage, Shipping and supplies such as labels, boxes, etc.

Public information charges are established by the Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 3, Chapter 70, Rule 70.3.  City fees are subject to change in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code.