In order to make information more readily available to the public, we have included several forms and publications that are requested most often. If you do not find the form you need, please contact City Hall at (903) 567-1841, 201 N. Buffalo, Canton, Texas 75103.

Building / Code Enforcement / Zoning

Building Permit Application Certificate of Occupancy Application
Trade Permit Application Code Enforcement Complaint Form
Application for Zoning Change Plat Application
Application for Specific Use Permit  Application for Zoning Variance
Fire Permit Petition for Voluntary Annexation

Hotel / Motel Tax

Certificate of Registration to
Collect Hotel Occupancy Tax
Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Report                                

Health Permits

Health Dept. Permit Application (Restaurants) Temp Food Service Permit App (First Monday)           
Special Event Food Service Permit App                       Temporary Food Service Guidelines

Other Permits

Solicitor Permit Application                                                          Parade/Demonstration Permit Application                                   


Utility Service Application (Water service)  

Miscellaneous Forms

Board and Commission Application Request for Public Records
Senior Citizens Building Application                                          Motorized Personal Transportation Devices App
Septic Hauling Permit Application