Fire Department Permits

Permit Application (for information purposes only, please fill out 3-part form at City Office Complex) 

Plan Submittal Requirements

Civic Plans - on a single page of the site plan, show existing and proposed 

  1.  Fire Lanes
  2.  Fire Hydrants
  3.  Fire Department Connections (FDC's)

Fire Protection Systems - submit

  1. At least three copies of plans. One set will be kept. You may submit more if you need more stamped copies, at no extra charge.
  2.  At least one copy of appropriate "cut sheets"/technical information.  These will be kept by the AHJ. More than one copy may be submitted if you need a set returned.
  3.  At least one set of calculations is required for the type of plan being submitted (hydraulic for sprinklers, battery for fire alarms, etc.).  These calculations will be kept by the AHJ.  More than one copy may be submitted if you will need a set returned.