Commercial Guidelines/Forms


New Building Codes Adopted 3/20/2018  Building Permit Application                                                    
Commercial Plan Submittal Guidelines Trade Permit Application (MEPs)
Residential Plan Submittal Guidelines Contractor Registration Form
Establishing a 911 Address Certificate of Occupancy Apps & Process Packet
Elimination of Architecture Barriers (EAB #)  Sign Permit Application & Requirements
Backflow Requirements/Procedures Backflow Device Test Report
  Fire Permit Application


The guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. Please check with Development Services at 903-567-1841.

**Only Sanitation Solutions waste services can be used in the City of Canton.  For roll off rental information, please contact them at 903-784-0124.

**All new water services within the City of Canton must be metered using "Master Meter" brand water meters.  This includes metering the water supply to Fire Risers for leak detection.